Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rutter Kitchen Catch-up

 Here's the Spinach-Artichoke Quiche.  We followed the recipe except we used Swiss cheese instead of the Gruyere cheese.  There were a fair amount of ingredients, but the Quiche really had great flavor.

 Here's the Sweetie Pie Pops.  I chose to do Cherry and did that for my Hubby's valentines Day.  I tried one also and they were very tasty! Not hard to make, but you can't put much filling in them, so you will have a lot of crust, which I like.
 Here's the Chicken Orzo Soup.  I followed the recipe, but used spinach instead of the chard and omitted the lemon.  They've used lemon a lot in this cookbook & I've figured out that I need to omit it or cut back on it :)
 Here's my bowl.  I made it several times this past winter.  It's on our soup list now :)
 Muffins being mixed up
 Zucchini Banana Muffin ready to eat.  We all liked these.  They were  very easy to make and very moist and tasty :) I think that I doubled the amount of zucchini.
Roasted Red Potatoes.  These were so easy to make and had a lot of flavor.  I will definitely make these again!
Try these recipes out if you haven't :)