Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jacki's Minestrone, Rolls, and Crisp

We enjoyed this meal a couple of weeks ago.  We all really enjoyed it! Our group consisted of my parents and Richard and me. The Minestrone Soup hit the spot with our colder weather. It was easy and straight forward to make - just some prep work for the veggies. I forgot to add the peas at the end but it was still very good and  hearty. I used one can kidney beans and one can pinto because that is what we had. I also used dried parsley instead of fresh.  
The Heavenly Rolls were indeed heavenly! Easy enough to make - no kneading needed. I skipped the part about the plastic bag and just let it rise in the bowl. I also used bread flour.  I used instant yeast so just added the yeast to the flour  before mixing and skipped the softening/activating step.
For the Fruit Crisp I used apples - homegrown from the family orchard! It was easy to prepare and cook. I forgot to add the brown sugar to the topping but it was still good. We had it with vanilla ice cream. My mom made it again with all of the sugar and it was delicious again!
I also made a fruit salad to go with the meal. I thought all three of these recipes were good and solid and would definitely fix them all again.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time to get cooking again! I know everyone is busy with work, family, home renovations etc. so I am not sure what our schedule should be - every week, every other week? For now we will start with 3 recipes from our new book - The Romney Family Table.
Minestrone Soup. 99
Josh's Heavenly Rolls. 90
Fruit Crisp.    174

Happy cooking!