Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gretchen's Chicken Pot Pie

I made this recipe a few week's ago but kept forgetting to post about it. We loved the chicken pot pie. The crust was perfect and the filling was sooooo tasty. Since so many of you commented on how you didn't like the thyme flavor, I decided to keep it out. And it turned out great! The filling ended up being a little too liquidy, so next time I will use less fluid. We will definitely be having this again.

Tarin's Chicken Pot Pie

Today has been cold and rainy and we've all been sick so it was the perfect day for chicken pot pie.

I started with the filling and used carrots, corn, and green peas. The filling mixed up really nicely and I really liked the flavor of the thyme. I also added just a little bit of cayenne pepper to the mix as well.

I was hesitant to use her pie crust recipe, since the one that I've used forever is so good, but I'm glad I did. It was delicious and really the flakiest crust I've ever seen.

I cooked them in ramekins and put pie crust on the inside of the ramekins, I cooked just the crust for 5 minutes before I added the filling and the top.

I cooked them for 25 minutes and they were perfect! Even Paige said these were the best Chicken Pot Pies she had ever tasted. They are a definite keeper.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oregon's Reviews

Ok, we had some of this dishes a couple weeks ago but I just now had time to upload and organize all the pictures sorry for taking so long to post it.
Dana Thank you so much for choosing the sherried tomato soup I have been wanting to make it for a long time, This time I decided to follow the recipe exactly, I even ventured into a liquor store, After looking all over the place for a bottle of sherry I was informed that it belongs to the wine family and that I can purchase it at any regular grocery store, The guys sort of had this suspicious look on his face, Not sure he believe me when I told him I was going to make some soup with it, He probably though that I was already drunk when I walked in the store since I was still on my work out clothes, sweaty and smelly… Anyhow…… how was I supposed to know that?????
The soup was wonderful, however I only used half of the cream and butter suggested in the recipe….. I PROMISE…. You don’t need all that FAT the soup was wonderful.
We also had the chicken pot pie and it was pretty tasty I sautéed my onion before adding the other vegetables also reduced the amount of butter and cream. I decided to add my peas after turning the burner off along with fresh parsley and thyme from my herb garden, I never had homemade chicken pot pie before so this was a first for me I think that I would like more chicken and less sauce but the flavors were very good, I am making this again tomorrow with the leftover turkey I hope it will turn out good, wish me luck!

The Marlboro Man's Sandwich was a Huge hit we had it Twice , I got some delicious Maui onions at the grocery store and they were fantastic for this dish, I loved using thin sliced beef and just cut it into smaller strips, seasoned (My own version) and set it on the fridge overnight. I toasted the buns on the frying pan along side with the beef on another big frying pan, We had a “build your own sandwich” bar area some of the options were, pickles, lettuce, tomato, sliced avocado, sliced jalapeños, Swiss cheese, provolone, mayonnaise, mustard, etc. Like I said BIG HIT I have a feeling I will be making this again pretty soon.

Cowboy Calzone was pretty good I’m not a big fan of cottage cheese on pastries so I only used half the amount suggested. The dough was very tasty. I decided to use Italian sausage (since calzone is an Italian dish) and that was perfect, I don’t like Monterey Jack so I used a Italian mixture I got at Trader Joes , I also added fresh oregano and parsley. I like brushing the calzone with olive oil after taking it out of the oven it makes it even tastier…hummmmmmmmm

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Recipe: Week of 11/28

Hello all!  I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  I checked the website to see what the recipe was for this week and discovered I was picking.  Kenton picked it out this week and we are going with Fried Chicken on page 155.  I just took a quick pick and I think that I will be halving this recipe.  Good luck!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yummy Pot Pie by Kim

I'm a bit behind on my recipes but we just made this the other night. It was really good. I probably will do a few things different next time, like WAY less thyme. Leslee warned me, so I only added 1/4 tsp instead of a full tsp and there were some bites that I felt still had too much! Also, I didn't cook it long enough. It probably needed about 5 more minutes or so. It was still delicious and I will make this again for sure!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tomato Soup and Wedge Salad

I prepared this dish on Monday night for myself, my mom and Sean.  The tomato soup was quite easy to make and I was able to let it simmer for quite a while until we were ready to eat.  I did omit the Sherry.  The ranch dressing was a bit more work with all the slicing and dicing but it came together nicely.  I didn’t notice until I was almost done making it that it needed to chill for an hour before serving so I just put it in the freezer to get it cold fast. 

All three of us really liked the tomato soup.  I am not a big fan of tomato soup, but this was the best I have tasted and I enjoyed my bowl full.  My mom really likes tomato soups and thought this one was delicious.  She added some goldfish crackers to hers (much to Summer’s delight). Sean was a bit concerned that there was no protein in the soup so he added some leftover meat that we had in the fridge.  The ranch dressing was good in my opinion but it had too much dill.  This might have been my fault for not chopping it up small enough but if I made this again I would cut back on the amount.   These two recipes made a nice little meal!

The Soup (sorry this is my boring bowl with none of the fun add-ins)


The Salad.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pie Crust and Chicken Pot Pie Review

I am still at Leslee’s house and this past Thursday night I made the Pot Pie for our meal.  We all thought it was pretty darn good!  The pie crust is some of the best I have tasted – light, flaky and full of good flavor.  I made the pie crust and then chilled it in the freezer for a bit while I made the pie filling.  I rolled it out between two sheets of wax paper and it was easy to handle.  For the filling I followed the recipe as directed.  I used chicken breast for the meat and then shredded it.  I will definitely make this pot pie again but I will not add the thyme – none of us cared for the flavor in chicken pot pie.  It just seemed like a foreign flavor that didn’t belong.  All in all a good, solid, chicken pot pie recipe if you cut out the thyme.  I used rice flour for the thickening agent so Leslee could have the filling.  She dished her serving out before I added the crust and served hers over rice.

Fresh from the oven:


First slice out lets of peek at the filling:


Served up with a side of green salad and over a bit of steamed rice:


Friday, November 12, 2010

A few reviews


I made these recipes a few weeks ago and don’t think I posted about them yet…


Meatloaf was delicious.  Sterling said this is the kind his mom made growing up.  I think everyone liked it.



The potato leek pizza was so very very good.  It was so great that I made it for a baby shower I hosted this past weekend and everyone loved it.   Unfortunately the picture  I took of it the first time I made it just looks bad so I won’t post it. 

Recipes for Week 14-20 Dana's Choices

Okay all you award winning chef-ettes.....I have made my choices for next week.

Sherried Tomato Soup ~ Pg. 103


Homemade Ranch with Iceberg Wedge ~ Pg. 168

I thought since the weather is finally starting to change, good ol' soup and salad sounded just yummy.

Happy Cooking!!!!

Dana Rutter

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dana & Audrey's Chicken Pot Pie Review

Dana cooking up the veggies etc... for the pot pie.

All cooked up.

Pie crust dough.

Dana getting tough with the pie dough!

Pot pie ready to bake.

Pot pies fresh out of the oven.

All dished up!

Our taster's Brandon & Dana.

A successful recipe :)

We had fun making these two recipes. We think that this is one of the best pie crusts that we have eaten and it isn't hard to make. I liked the shortening, because it was easier to cut into the flour mixture. It was a little soft to roll out and get in the dish, but I think that it would be good to put it in the frig for awhile after making it so that it would firm up a bit before rolling it out. I am going to try that.
We cooked up a whole chicken and then used the broth from that in the recipe. Since we had 4 cups of chicken, we decided to make two pot pies. We followed the recipe, except we didn't put in the white wine. It turned out real well. The crust was very tender, flaky and tasty. The veggie and chicken filling tasted really good also. We were very pleased with how it turned out and since we had made two pot pies, we ate the second one for dinner the next night, which was very nice :) We all thought that this was one of the best chicken pot pies that we have eaten. I am sure that we will make these pot pies again. Thanks for the good recipe pick :)

Audrey's Review of "The Favorite Sandwich"

I followed the recipe and it was very easy, which was also very nice :) We all put our's together differently. This is Brock's sandwich and he added some spicy mustard and cheese. When we had it for leftovers we also fixed up some beef broth to dip it in, as that sounded good. Next time I will be prepared with a more flavorful broth as that was a big hit. This was another keeper :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Audrey's Review of Maple Pecan Scones

This was a very delicious recipe! Most of my family really enjoyed it, even though it is very rich. I have made it twice now :) I followed the recipe except for not adding the coffee to the icing & the end where you are supposed to pour the icing over the scones etc... I just let everyone put their own icing on, as we ate them at different times. I think the next time I make them, I might try cutting them a little smaller, as they are pretty big portions. I will definitely keep making these, so this was a great pick :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cowboy Calzone's

We have had the calzone's a couple of times.  I didn't make our dough, that sounded like too much work to me so I just bought some pillsbury pizza dough and that worked just fine.  I got some marinara sauce and we just dip it into the marinara.  it's quite tasty!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recipe for the Week

Howdy everyone :-)

I thought I would do a quick introduction. My name is Gretchen and I am friend's with Leslee who was kind enough to invite me to join this excellent recipe blog. I am a stay at home mom of one (soon to be 2). I enjoy things like cooking to keep me busy while my husband studies his life away in medical school.

The recipe I chose is the Chicken Pot Pie on pg 126. I am a huge fan of chicken pot pies so I look forward to making this. Happy eating!!

Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich

My mom is here visiting me in Texas, so we made this meal together and took some pictures of the process.  We didn’t make any changes to the recipe except for adding some pepper-jack cheese to the finished product. 


Instead of toasting the bread on a griddle we just broiled them in the oven for a few minutes to get them a little toasty.  The finished product was very delicious! We had the missionaries over for dinner that night and everyone seemed to really enjoy them.  We ate the sandwiches with chips and fruit.  We forgot to take a picture until Sean went back for seconds…