Monday, October 28, 2013

Ok, I am filling in for Nika this week and since my husband requested pork chops appear on the dinner menu this week I will chose APPLE BUTTER PORK CHOPS (152). Since this recipe calls for CARMELIZED ONIONS (117) I will select that too. And, since this is Halloween week lets go with any of the HALLOWEEN PARTY FOOD listed on page 174-175. You can just pick whatever works for your family. I have been cooking and have several reviews to post but computer issues need to be resolved first. Hopefully soon!

Monday, October 21, 2013

New Recipe, Oct. 21

Hey ladies,

I've fallen a bit behind!  I am going to try to catch up these next couple of weeks.  Because I'm behind I am only picking one recipe this week :)

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, pg. 146

I have a friend that raves about this soup, so it's time for me to see if it's as good as she says ;)

Kim's review

I haven't posted a review forever but I have been cooking the meals. Also, my 4 year old son was playing with my phone and let me know that I had too many weird pictures of food and so he did me a favor by deleting them! Awesome! So, I don't have pix to go along with my reviews.

Vegetable barley soup- I really liked this! The whole family liked it too. It made a ton, but it reheated really well. I used quinoa and like someone else said, If I make it again I probably won't add as much, it seem like the quinoa was dominating the soup.

Whole grain crescent rolls- These were pretty good but not my favorite. My little boys wouldn't even eat them because there was so much stuff on top and that weirded them out. They also took a really long time to make and sometimes if something takes too long I get turned off by it. I could also taste the flax pretty strong. I will probably add less if I ever make them again.

Weeknight chili- Yummy! And super easy. I followed the recipe perfectly and it turned out delicious! I'm going to make it this Friday for our wards trunk or treat and chili cook off.

Lemon cake- This cake turned out really delicious and I am not even a super lemony person. Everybody liked it the only problem was my cake wasn't perfectly level so when I poured the glaze on top a lot of it gathered in the middle, making the middle extra moist, borderline soggy! It tasted delicious with cream on top though!

Thai coconut soup- I loved everything about this soup! The entire family ate all of it! I used leftover rotisserie chicken and the whole thing came together very quickly. I will make the soup again, probably a lot!

Hopefully I don't get so far behind again. These recipes are all so yummy!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Recipes for Week of Oct. 13th

Swedish Meatballs    157

Apple-Pear-Cranberry Crisp     190

Due to recent travels I am behind on my cooking so I hope to catch up a bit this week on all the recipes I have missed.

Jacki’s Weeknight Chili

I made this when I was at Nika’s house taking care of the grandkids while she and her hubs were gallivanting around Italy of all places!  (I actually had a really fun time). Anyway, it was quick to throw together and I cooked it in the crockpot so that made it really easy. I thought it was really good and all of the kids ate it so  it was a success. I didn’t have beef broth so I substituted chicken broth.  The chili had a mild flavor so if I made it again I might add a little of  Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper.  Served it with cornbread and applesauce.

Jacki's Pics 046

Leslee's Recipes

Okay well as usual, lots to report on!
Mini tostada salads: I was planning to make this whole recipe on day but Sean was going to be working late so instead of making the cute little tortilla bowls I just threw it all together into a salad bowl for myself. I knew the kids wouldn't appreciate it:) Anyway the dressing was SO GOOD! I really liked it. I halved the oil to make it a little healthier and it worked great. I have used it several more times on various salads.
Monster Munch: Sweet and Crunchy Autumn Snack Mix: I had made a similar popcorn mix a few weeks ago to take to the ladies I visit teach but instead of the mix ins I just used m&ms. It was delicious so Summer and I decided to try it again and take some to her teacher and student teacher at school. The kids helped me make it one night and it was super quick and easy to make. The candy corn, peanuts and Reese's pieces were a fun addition! 

Glazed lemon cake: I made this cake with a gluten free yellow cake mix so I could try it and it turned out delicious. I followed all the other directions and ingredients. We had the sister missionaries over for dinner that night and so we had that for dessert. Everyone loved it and went back for seconds! The kids called it the lemonade cake. I actually preferred eating it with some cool whip on top to balance out the richness of it. 

Weeknight Chili: This was a good easy recipe to make. It came together nice and quickly and we ate it with fritos and cheese on top. We all liked it but I do prefer the Anita's Chili recipe we made way back when we first started this blog and I will probably stick with that one. 

I haven't made the complete S'mores cupcakes yet but I have use the marshmallow frosting recipe several times and it is so so good! It is definitely my favorite for frosting cupcakes with! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Jenny's Weeknight Chili

On Sunday I made the Weeknight Chili.  It was actually a cooler day in Houston, so it was the right day to make it!

What was great about this chili is that it was SO fast to make.  I made the recipe just as it says, except I added an extra can of beans because one can just didn't sound like a lot.  We ate the chili with some fritos and/or rolls, and a side of fruit.  I thought the recipe was good.  But I have another chili recipe that I've been using that we really like and I would probably keep using that one.  It has a bit more kick/flavor to it.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Recipes- October 6th

Well since we are still having some warm days here in Oklahoma, I chose recipes from Spring, Summer and Autumn.  I'm not ready for the cold weather yet!  Hope that you will all enjoy them :)
Mini tostada Salads pg. 18
Roasted Tomatillo Salsa pg. 73
Monster Munch: Sweet and Crunchy Autumn Snack Mix pg.  176

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rutter Kitchen-Vegetable Beef Barley Soup and rolls

This soup was such a nice easy recipe to make and we really liked that.  I did the prep work for the recipe, like getting everything chopped and measured and set out ready to put in the pot.  I also cooked up the ground beef and drained and rinsed it like we like it and then cooked the onions with it.  Ashley then put everything together and then kept an eye on it while it simmered.  We added 1/8th tsp. of the red pepper flakes and think that next time we'll add 1/4th tsp. instead as we would like a bit more heat.  We had time for it to simmer for about an hour before we were ready to eat.  We put in what the recipe called for and we chose the barley to use.  We added the barley as stated 1/2 an hour before eating.  I didn't have time to get all the ingredients for the crescent rolls and to make them ahead as we had a busy week, so we will cook and post about them another time.  We chose the Rosemary rolls from the Pioneer Woman's last cookbook instead and they tasted great!  We really liked the soup and the rolls and will be cooking both recipes again.  Hope that you have a chance to try these recipes out :)
 Soup assembled and ready to cook.
Ready to eat :)

Jenny's Thai Coconut Soup

This is long overdue!  But a couple of weeks ago I made the Thai Coconut Soup.  It was really good!  I thought that it was going to be super coconut-y with the can of coconut milk in it, but it had such a mild flavor.  I thought the soup in general was just a nice twist on chicken noodle soup.

I cooked my chicken in the crock pot earlier in the day, so it was really tender and moist.  After reading Jackie's review I added all of the liquid the recipe called for.  Even so, the noodles really sucked up a lot and there wasn't a lot of extra broth.  I also used the cilantro from the tube and thought it tasted fine.  My kids ate it great, so it was definitely a successful recipe.  And the soup came together so quickly.  Seriously, one of the fastest dinners I've made.  You could easily add some vegetables to it, but my kids probably ate it because there weren't any in there :)  In one of the little side notes it suggested using rice instead of noodles.  I love noodles, and thought they were fun, but I think it would be yummy with the rice too.

Tarin's Veggie Soup and Crescent Rolls

Let me start out by saying that we LOVED both of these dishes. I made a full batch of each Tuesday since the missionaries were coming to dinner and I had no leftovers. Well 2 crescent rolls, but between 4 adults and 2 toddlers, I was certain I had enough for lunch the next day.

Here were my awesome helpers :)

I made the soup with quinoa and I wish that I had done half that amount...I also put in potatoes instead of onions, and omitted the dry onion soup mix (my allergies). The flavor was delicious and I will definitely be making this again.

Now my only complaint about the crescent rolls was getting all of the ingredients. I had to go to a couple stores to find everything! But they were really good! I didn't quite half the dough evenly so half turned out normal size and as you  can see the second batch turned out monster size, but no one seemed to mind :)