Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jacki's Menu 29 Review

We just finished up our dinner of Menu 29 and it was a good one. The Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Meatballs were very easy to prepare and delicious. I served them over some Jasmine Rice. The one change I would make is to use 2 jars of the 10 oz Sweet and Sour Sauce instead of just one. I used the Walmart brand of homestyle meatballs and they were really good. I let it cook for 4 hours. The Balsamic Asparagus was delicious. I didn't drizzle the sauce over all the asparagus because we have a couple of non adventurous eaters in the group:). So I served the sauce in a little bowl for people to add their own. Very tasty.  The 5-Minute Jello Salad was a little sweet for our liking but that might have been my fault because I used a big box of jello and just eyeballed it. I would add less jello next time. I think this would be really good with raspberry jello and raspberries. I served some homemade bread and fresh apricots as additions to roundout this meal. Fast, easy, fun menu to cook!


Audrey said...

We haven't cooked this yet but look forward to trying it. Thanks for the tip about the sweet and sour sauce.

Me and My Good Lookin Guys said...

Looks yummy. Looking forward to trying it.