Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rutter Kitchen- Menu #10

We started our cooking night with Dana and Johnny making the Fudge Crinkle Cookies.  So easy since it was only 4 ingredients.  After she got the cookies baking I started the pasta cooking while Dana prepared the filling for the Stuffed Mexican Chicken Shells.  We did half this recipe, since we wanted to try it first before making so much.  Don't want leftovers that people won't eat ;) She followed the recipe and got them stuffed and in the oven.  When Ashley got there she fixed the Fast Three-Bean Salad.  She followed the recipe except we decided to serve the romaine lettuce on the side, so any leftovers wouldn't have limp lettuce.  Now for our review.  We really liked this menu!  The pasta had really good flavor and everyone liked it.  The bean salad was really good also.  I just put some of the lettuce on my plate and put the bean mixture on top.  The salad was even better the next day.  The cookies were fantastic.  I thought they were similar to fudgy brownies.  I think that we will fix these recipes again, especially the bean salad and cookies :)


Jacki's travels said...

Everything looks delicious! I haven't had a chance to make this menu yet so nice to read the review. Looking forward to making it. Good tip about the lettuce.

Snowtember said...

Looks delish! :)

Kiwi said...

that looks so yummy! is that from the Romney cookbook?