Monday, June 22, 2015

Rutter Kitchen- Menu #30

We fixed this menu for Mother's Day, so I got to pick it :) We started off by marinating the 5-Star Grilled Chicken Teriyaki the night before to hopefully give it a good flavor.  The fresh vegetables and Dill Dip were very simple to make, especially since I picked up a fresh veggie tray at Sam's Club.  We followed the recipe for the dip and used Miracle whip as that is what I had.  Next Dana baked the Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes.  They were interesting to make as it called for a variety of ingredients.  I thought Dana did a really good job fixing them.  She fixed the frosting while they were baking and stored it in the fridge until the cupcakes were cooked and cooled.  Closer to meal time, she piped on the frosting and added the raspberries.  When Ashley got there, she started in on some garlic roasted potatoes that we have cooked from a previous menu.  We felt like we needed to add something filling to the menu besides chicken and fresh veggies.  Meanwhile, the guys got the charcoal going and then when ready started grilling.  We used chicken thighs and a few chicken breasts.  Everything smell so good! 
Now for our review.  We liked everything!  The dip tasted really good with the fresh veggies and of course we all liked the roasted potatoes or we wouldn't have fixed them again.  The chicken had really good flavor and was tender.  The cupcakes looked and tasted good.  The boys especially enjoyed trying them :)  We will fix this menu again!  

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Connie Burrows said...

Lots of cooking at the Rutter's. Looked good!